A Decision For Homeschooling

It’s been some time since I have posted. Life gets busy and demanding so this blog has been placed on the back burner unfortunately.  However some decisions in regards to school next year have been finalized and we will officially be homeschooling for Kindergarten!  I have decided this blog will be a means to document our journey with homeschooling, since I believe this will be a long-term decision for us.  I will be getting back on track with the blog and revamp it to include the homeschooling ideas, challenges and milestones we reach.

For me, the decision to homeschool was something that was in the back of my mind for a long time.  I think I needed time to really hash out the logistics though and feel more comfortable with the lifestyle.  Homeschooling seems demanding at best, daunting and life altering.  But also growing both for my family and me as a mother.  It’s something that is against the grain of my own childhood and upbringing, but at the same time so natural to how we’ve raised our boy so far; as attached and supportive parents.  Not to say its been a motherhood of ease, because parenting is far from carefree.  But our decisions throughout this journey of parenthood have been the ones that have felt the most natural one to make, and easy(ish) to execute.

The kiddo’s diagnosis last year meant this past year has been one of therapies and searching for a way for find schooling supports both inside and outside a school.  The stories of special needs support in schools I have heard were heart wrenching, and I had flashbacks to when I was looking into daycare possibilities back when kiddo was a year old.  I know my sons capabilities and possibilities are high, but I also know what supports he needs and what triggers his anxiety and sensory overloading.  A full day in a school full of children and unpredictability would unhinge him and put him in constant flight/flight mode.  I don’t think that would be an environment he would best learn.  Nor do I believe it would “toughen him up” but likely break his ego and overwrite his strengths.

I enjoy seeing him grow and learning so much about him and how he thinks.  I love our mornings waking up and talking about our dreams and planning our day.  I am excited about the possibilities of learning so much with him as I believe he is a wise person for someone so young.  And I look forward to our challenges, out battles, and all the potential of seeing him becoming whatever he chooses.  Perhaps I won`t gain back my prior career and will have less money and personal time had the kiddo started traditional school.  But I do know I will gain much more important and fulfilling things from this experience, and that is really what matters!

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