Gaufrabec – Perfect Morning Waffle Dates with the Kiddo

Raspberry waffle at the outside terrasse
Raspberry waffle at the outside terrasse

The kiddo is his best in the morning.  Breakfast, like all meals, are full of energy and motion.  So if and when we eat out it’s usually early in the day.  Even so, we choose our eating establishments that are kiddo-friendly where we can all relax (as much as one can relax with a little bundle of raw energy demanding maple syrup).  And it’s usually breakfast.  But most importantly, we seek places that are sensory friendly.  Open spaces that don’t have too much noise or commotion. Booths preferred, outdoor seating even better as long as there isn’t too much street noise.  Quiet and cozy places that are inviting and proprietors and servers that are friendly.

This week, Gaufrabec opened across from the Lachine market with the most lovely cafe setting.  They run a popular food truck specializing in waffles and have created a base that fits in quite well with the small gourmet neighborhood market.  I had hoped to check out their opening party on Monday, but bedtime for the kiddo clashed as did my own.  So the next rainy morning we set out to venture into the new cafe and try it out.

Parking at the market on a Tuesday morning is very easy, though the weekends can get busy.  Luckily Gaufrabec has a decent sized parking lot and we found a spot easily.  Fair warning though, this will fill up over the weekend both with waffle hunters and market folks.  I had been to the shop before as its past life was a bakery and knew it was a decent but small space.  Gaufrabec pushed back the counter space and created some cozy nooks for people to linger as well as added a few areas to sell other local products such as Point Sans G gluten-free goods, St-Viateur bagels, bread from L’Arôme du Froment and Agga coffee in bulk.

Kiddos view from the nook
Kiddos view from the nook

Kiddo loved the wooden benches and pillows along the wall so after he perused the waffle selection, he made claimed a window seat while I paid.  The waffles on offer today were the sweetened plain, chocolate and raspberry. They have 2 sizes; a larger waffle for under $5 and a mini size for under $3.  The mini waffle is about half the size, so you could order 2 so you can try a couple of flavors (thoughtful!).  We choose a chocolate and raspberry with coffee and milk while chatting with the owner.  From the website, there looks to be a chocolate covered waffle on a stick which I assume is a food truck offering.  Bit too sweet for the morning for sure but could be a fun treat!

Gaufrabec Terrasse

After out little warm waffle packets emerged, we both thought a seat outside would be best.  It was drizzly out but they made a large and lovely terrasse with plenty of seats and an adorable birdcage.  They also had a puppy stop which was a nice touch for customers walking the canal.  On a hot sunny day this would be a great place for some shade as well.  Kiddo chose the church pew seating and we unwrapped the super hot packets to admire our purchase.  The waffles were crispy and darker than golden and smelled as amazing as you can imagine.  Kiddo went for the raspberry first and they were well-balanced with the fruity parts being just the right amount of stickiness.  It was tasty as is, no additional syrup needed.  The maple syrup obsessed boy didn’t ask for any to dip so I know he approved!  We broke open the chocolate waffle next and wow they were very generous on the filling here!  It was very chunky vs a chocolate spread which was nice, you know they used a decent chocolate.  It was almost too much chocolate, but kiddo liked it the same.  He said in the end the chocolate was his favorite but actually he liked both.

We really liked the location and cozy feel of the cafe.  Summer is almost over so these lazy mornings with just the two of us is soon going to be far in between.  I suspect we will be here often especially before the winter closes up the terrasse!

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