Pizza Mama Sofia, Outsourcing Making Your Own Pie

We make pizza fairly often at home, using grocery store dough.  It’s more cost-effective for us and we can choose whatever ingredients strike our fancy at the moment.  The kiddo is way into pepperoni these days while bittydad likes a bbq sauce and I prefer veggie.  But some days there just isn’t enough time to prep so I wanted to find an alternative to delivery.  Back in the states, I used to buy from a take and bake pizza outfit, so I wanted to find something similar here.  The friendly neighborhood advisor Google found a pizzeria with three outlets in the city called Pizza Mama Sofia, so I took to Facebook for reviews, as one does.  They had a good following so one lazy rainy Saturday we decided to venture to our local shop.

The concept for Mama Sofia is you choose from a set pizza menu or create your own toppings as you wish.  The pizza dough is fresh and made into the crust in front of you to the size you desire, then fresh toppings are added and the pizza is wrapped for you to take home and bake.  The cost is reasonable as far as pizza goes, starting at $9.35 for a 12 inch one topping pie, going up to close to $20 for a 16 inch with lots of toppings.  You can choose a type of crust, sauce and there is a pretty good selection of meats and veggies.  I didn’t ask if they would split types of toppings, I will in a future visit!  They really pride themselves on fresh ingredients, and the pizza maker Luka made sure to point this out.  They also have lasagna, garlic bread and dessert pizzas on the menu, which can be seen online at their website and via an app.  Note you can order ahead of time in both applications, which is handy if you don’t want to wait while your dinner is being made!

A very big pizza! Touch too big for the oven!

We stuck with pizza for our first visit, and the kiddo had fun watching our custom pie get created.  We choose a 16 inch; as usual our eyes are bigger than our tummies.  While the next day lunch leftovers were appreciated, I should have probably measured the oven beforehand.  The pizza ended up getting a bit distorted on some edges as it didn’t fit in the oven and the door pushed against the pie.  Of course this did not affect the taste so no matter, but we will stick with the 14 inch going forward.  We picked the Tropicale as we are a pro-Hawaiian pizza family.  The Mama Sofia version added mandarin oranges along with the standard pineapple and swapped bacon for ham.  Always a question with the kiddo whether such substitutions are acceptable, but it turned out fine.  The bacon was not sub par pseudo bacon bit product but chunks of tasty porky, hmm, well bacon.  Kiddo gave his approval on it, though I am not sure the oranges were something he would try again.  He’s quite good at trying things once, but knows what he likes and I respect that!

Pizza maker Luka was quite friendly and offered trustworthy advice.  You could really tell he was enthusiastic and committed to getting the fairly new store up and running.  We were debating on the dessert pizza (because who wouldn’t like dessert pizza?) and he talked us out of the mass quantities of food we thought we should order.  I did mention we went with the largest pizza possible that doesn’t fit our oven right?  He also made a lifelong friend with the kiddo by offering him some pepperoni to snack on while we waited.  Of course the kiddo gave him the 3rd degree to make sure the pepperoni was not too spicy beforehand; he loved it.  I began to worry as he quickly ate his snack that he would be disappointed there was no pepperoni in the pizza.  Maybe (probably) next time.

We brought our goodies home and kiddo wanted to cook it immediately.  Yeah dinner time wasn’t for another hour, but he’s a growing boy.  I preheated the oven to 475 deg, unwrapped the huge pizza and realized it didn’t fit.  Oh well, the door closed with some bending and set I the timer.  The directions say to cook 8-15 min and we were advised to check the crispness of the crust after 8-9 minutes.  I think I put it in slightly too long as it was a bit too crispy for the kiddo, but he was hungry and didn’t complain too much!  Hopefully with the smaller pizza next time and less distorting I will perfect the time and crust balance.  The fresh ingredients were definitely noticed. The crust baked beautifully and was the right balance of thickness and crispness.  Cheese and toppings were great but my favorite was the sauce.  Ours had the garlic tomato sauce and the garlic was just perfect.  Pronounced but not overwhelming.  I don’t know if I would order it with a sweet topping again but I would really enjoy it on just a plain cheese pizza to be honest, it was that good.

Talked out of dessert pizza but encouraged to have some coconut cookies!
Talked out of dessert pizza but encouraged to have some coconut cookies!

While dinner was being consumed, I put our coconut cookies in the still hot oven.  We were encouraged to get them for dessert (wasn’t a tough sell mind you) instead of the dessert pizza.  Of course the kiddo asked for dessert pizza as soon as dinner was done.  Luckily we also brought home these amazing coconut cookies which we all loved.  Like really loved as in there was a couple left over and the kiddo devoured them the next day.  So good and rich.  Luka said you could add chocolate chips to them at the end of the baking and they would be like a mounds bar.  Turns out we were out of chocolate chips at home so that will be another visit to look forward to.

I’d highly recommend Pizza Mama Sofia for a tasty alternative to store-bought, homemade or delivery pizza.  The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product.  And given it’s not cooked on site, there is no taxes, so the prices listed are inclusive.  Friendly and neighborly service as well, so we will be back for sure!

Contact Info for Pizza Mama Sofia
Facebook Page
3 Locations:
7056 Rue Allard Lasalle, Quebec H8N 0E1
6705 Sherbrooke W Montreal, Quebec H4B1P3
4913 Boulevard Saint-Charles Montreal, Quebec H9H3E4

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