Welcome to Bitty Adventures!

I’m not sure how many blogs are inspired by a Wendy’s advert, but here is one!  I am a regular reader of HelloGiggles and this came up on my feed the other day and it got me thinking.  As a mom of a very energetic kiddo immigrating to a country where the winters are long and unlivable challenging, finding happiness in little adventures is most certainly a motivator.  After the kiddo was born, we decided it felt right for me to stay home for the preschool years.  While its taken four years to gain some sense of sanity to even contemplate blogging, I had it in the back of my mind to find a way to share experiences in written form.  And here it is.

Here I plan to write about our adventures, both big and small.  I was blessed in my pre-kiddo life to have the opportunity to travel for work and for pleasure.  I loved finding new experiences and things everywhere I went, and that craving for adventure never went away.  Sleepless nights and crazy baby time may have added some extra logistics to the mix, but the kiddo and I (and bittydad when he’s not a work) try to make each, well most, days mini adventures. Having a kid changes everything it true, but the proverbial “seeing things through his eyes” really makes the world magical/scary/fun/tiring/new.  In a way, its one big adventure!

We’ve done some fun stuff as a family and of course have more in the works.  One thing I am always conscious of is the kiddo’s sensory capabilities. While we don’t have an official diagnosis quite yet, throughout his life we’ve had some challenges as a family in managing the kiddo’s ability to manage in his world.  On one hand, he craves certain sensory activity and experiences that have to do with tactile function but also avoids others such as visual and hearing stimulation.  We have all been learning what his triggers are and how to help him cope.  This has challenged me to be somewhat creative in finding activities as the traditional preschool recreations are actually very overstimulating for him (ex playgrounds, splash parks, bounce houses, etc).  I will definitely go into more detail on this in future posts as it’s a big part of our lives.  The blog and activities I write about will be very influenced by the experience we have with our sensory sensitive kiddo.  I hope to connect with other parents who are on a similar journey as well.

So here it goes, hope you enjoy reading!

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